Suisan Fish Market

We have eaten a fair amount of fish while we have been here in the islands.  No surprise as there is a steady supply of locally caught species both nearshore and offshore.

Mostly we have had Yellowfin Tuna (ahi), followed by Ono (Wahoo, also the Hawai`ian word for ‘good’), and Monchong (a type of pomfret). Once we tried a pink snapper, not my best culinary outing.

The local market is right on the southern corner of Hilo Bay, at the edge of the really nice Liliu` okalani Gardens park, where we like to take walks.  It is the only fish market I have seen with a big tree shading the offloading dock (featured image).  It is a popular scene for artists, and in fact I bought a nice giclee print of an oil painting by a local artist  of the setting.

Suisan 2

We eat our ahi steaks seared for a few minutes, with a sashimi center.  And we found a ‘spice lady’ at the local farmer’s market selling wonderful seasoning preparations for each local fish.

Ahi steaks

Ahi (Yellowfin Tuna) steaks ready for the pan.

Ono side

Ono (Wahoo) – so fresh it still has that ‘ocean shine’ to the cut steaks

Suisan case Aku

Sometimes the fish case is jammed with small Aku (Skipjack Tuna) a common product in sushi bars.

Suisan case 2

And sometimes the case is full of a mix of species; Hawai`ian pink snapper (left side), mahi mahi (right side), and many others I do not know.

Suisan pink snapper

Here is a Hawai`ian pink snapper – Opakapaka (a deep water species from 1,800 ft+) that I bought and cooked whole.  Check out the formidable teeth!

Suisan pink cook

And here it is ready for the oven!

We will be back to eating salmon, albacore tuna, and black cod when we get home to Oregon; as they say ‘eat local, eat fresh’!


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2 thoughts on “Suisan Fish Market

  1. Amy Emmett on said:

    Fish on ice! Local is best!


  2. No tuna last week and a big wind storm this week that kept boats at the dock. I hope they’re back before you get home! What was wrong with the pink snapper?


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