Passionfruit, known as Lilikoi here in Hawai`i, is turning into our favorite fruit!

We have a huge vine that has grown all over the side yard, across several big banana plants, into the greenhouse shed, and taking over the front fence.  It began flowering in May, putting on green fruit in June, and now the first week in August dropping up to 20 ripe fruits per day!

The flowers (the feature image) are beautiful and complex.  The new fruits are a lush green and drop to the ground when ripe, so no confusion about what to pick! Sometimes I pick up new fruit twice a day.

Passion green

Green and unripe

Passion harvest

Several days harvest

Passion vine

Vine on the front fence

Passion juice

The fruits have a lot of seeds, some pulp and modest juice, more juice when just ripe… you scoop all of that into a sieve to juice it.  The color, fragrance, and taste are remarkably unique and delightful! And one large fruit gets you 10% of your RDA of Vitamin C!

Passion pulp

Passion cooler

Combined with tonic water, lime, and ice – passionfruit juice makes a superb spritzer cooler.  Some rum goes well too!

Passion syrup

I added some agave syrup to the juice to make passionfruit syrup over vanilla frozen yogurt, excellent!

Unfortunately you cannot ship fruit from Hawai`i to the mainland due to a disease and pest embargo to protect stateside agriculture.  So we will have to give this up when we return to Oregon.


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3 thoughts on “Passionfruit

  1. Amy Emmett on said:

    I’ll have to plan a trip to Hawaii in August when the passion fruit is ripe. Looks so yummy!


  2. Rosi Wilkins on said:

    Discovering the exquisite flavor (tangy and sweet) of the lilikoi was one of my favorite finds when I first traveled to Hawaii. Buzzes Steak House serves an ice box pie with lilikoi sauce that is out of this world. I wish you had photographed the fruit just opened; it is not attractive and gives no indication of the delicious taste and the healthy does of Vit C and fiber. Hoping to add the vine to our property so I can harvest my own! Thanks for the post from home.


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