Hurricane! (Not…)

Update: Wednesday, 5th of August…  well, the hurricane did lessen to a tropical storm, and while initially due to hit the Big Island today, it tracked well off to the north and east of us, some 250-300 miles…  Apparently only about 15 such storms have hit the Big Island since 1950!

And a northerly air flow is taking the precipitation off to the northeast in the direction of California as you can see below…

Hurrican rain to CA

(Last Sunday) Looks like we may be in for a hurricane! Or at least a tropical storm..

Hurricanes are born to the east and south of the Hawai`ian Islands down in the equatorial zone, and they travel east to west along the subtropical convergence region. We have seen many powerful storms pass well to the south of us the last few months.  El Nino weakens the NE tradewinds which usually keep the storms to the south.  In the featured image you can see the series of storms (red centers) being born between the equator and 10 degrees north latitude.

Here comes Hurricane Guillermo,… which may veer off to the north, but in the last 12 hours is headed directly towards the Big Island – and may lessen its force to a tropical storm by the time it gets to us on Wednesday, but maybe not! As hurricane winds churn up the deep ocean circulation in front of them, the cooler water pulled up lessens the power of the storm system.  Below is the current storm track!

Hurricane track

See the most recent animation loop from the Tropical Pacific Satellite Services here: Hurricane watch

Hurricane Sunday no latlong

This is the image from Sunday morning, August 2nd.  You can seen another storm to the southwest of the islands losing its steam, now blue instead of red.

Guess we are going to get lots of rain! And raining already..


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2 thoughts on “Hurricane! (Not…)

  1. Hope you all stay dry….should be interesting to compare to some of the storms of our childhood. Love, Jane


  2. Amy Emmett on said:

    Hope you don’t get hit too hard. I’d enjoy a good rain storm about now. It’s been so dry and hot all summer! It’s trying to sprinkle this afternoon, but it doesn’t look we will get any measurable amounts.


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